The name CDGRE (C-De-Gree) comes from ‘Celsius Degree’ where every single degree from hot to cold is used to create our menus.


Thomas & Mathias Suhring started their culinary journey in Berlin in the 90s. Their passion for food grew from their grandmother’s love of cooking. Often would they go to her farm where she taught them the basics of traditional cooking and how to combine the ingredients. Soon they both started a culinary career with stunts at various 3 MICHELIN Stars restaurants within Europe: Aqua in Wolfsburg, De Librije in Zwolle and La Pergola in Rome. Theirappreciation for fine foods and quality ingredients brought them in 2008 to Bangkok, where they met and befriended with Gaggan Anand.


In 2016 they opened the doors of their own home showcasing the best of modern German fare combining the essence of traditional dishes with contemporary Central European influences. Suhring was born and quickly it became a popular dining destination for international travellers and local foodies alike. Their Restaurant has been awarded 2 Michelin Stars and the 40th of World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2021.



Gaggan Anand is the world-famous chef who used to run the restaurant named “Gaggan” which reached its highest to held number 1 in Asia for 4 consecutive years and the latest was number 4 in the world according to World’s 50 Best Restaurants and received 2 Stars Michelin. Now, Gaggan has his new restaurant under the name “Gaggan Anand Restaurant” which is located in Sukhumvit 31 Road, Bangkok.

The restaurant serves a tasting journey with emojis of 18 courses of “Chef Gaggan’s cuisine.” Even though it is the new restaurant that has been operating for just 1 year, Gaggan Anand Restaurant has received the 5th of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants along with the Highest New Entry Award in 2021.


Carnival was founded in 2010. Now, the brand is best known for top streetwear multi-brand stores who run top sneaker brands, streetwear and distribute sneaker care products with 6 outlets in Bangkok’s prime locations and online store.

With the beliefs in the never-ending streetwear era, Carnival bound the unique extraordinary styles to design products with inspiration from subculture during the 1990s-2000s along with the up-to-date trend to keep the customers enjoy the brand’s products. Carnival has done many collaboration projects with several global brands as Adidas, Asics, Fila, G-Shock, Herschel Supply, and many more.


Message from

Chef Gaggan Anand

“Starting a day with a delicious cup for Coffee is one of life’s greatest addictions. Coffee is my best friend and yet biggest enemy. It’s a journey from a cherry fruit, from harvesting, to roasting and finally ending as an aromatic, flavorful, complex caffeine highs. Today we live in a very exciting coffee world, the farmers are growing better, we are processing it better and fair trade is visible, buying and roasting is so competitive and talent of baristas is reaching new heights. My journey with coffee started with my love for Instant coffee that would only improve my milk shakes when I grew as a child.”

“As I became a chef, long hours of working physically and mentally ended with espresso shots as an abuse. In 2007 When I arrived in Thailand I tasted a cup of a global coffee chain. From there it was an upward journey, they say luxury is a one way ticket. As I became Gaggan I started to travel and with the time difference and jet lags coffee just became a morning affair to relax and observe culture and human connection with this fast growing addictive social drink. I think my First Real coffee/ roaster experience was in Japan, It was frustrating one (then) as I who expected a fast cup had to wait for the slow art of coffee making, listening to jazz and waiting for the cup of perfection.

It took COVID for me to be jobless and having all the time by myself with music, slow life and a homemade slow brewed cup of coffee every morning. Lack of travel in this period suddenly exposed me to my own local Thai coffee market, which in the last decade outgrew and really started to match and beat International expectations. We in Thailand have evolved to be one of the leading coffee cultures in Asia. We don’t depend anymore on global chains rather choose what we like as a poured preferred cup.

So One fine evening on a caffeine high made some calls to my friends in Carnival & my German brothers Sühring hence Cdgre was born.. we call it ESTD in Covid year.. I swapped my role from being a chef to be a coffee cook, I am not a guardian of coffee, nor a coffee educator or specialist, rather a collector, an enthusiast who want to present you with a cup from my prospective with my coffee experience from Chile to Finland to Australia to Tanzania to Japan to Mexico. and putting together my knowledge of thousands of cups of coffee stories into a simple, easy and modern coffee drinking experience with no frills and straightforward easy yet tasty coffee. Cdgre is about matching food, lifestyle, fashion and coffee to a very unique experience that will be a part of your daily life. It’s all about the new generation where you eat, you drink and you shop and become part of a lifestyle. “

- Chef Gaggan Anand